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A funny thing happened on the way to the Referendum…

So, the Scottish referendum debate and the release of the SNP’s white paper on why an independent Scotland would be a good idea dominated the broadcast news bulletins morning, noon and night yesterday; the 648-page snooze-fest was pounced on and … Continue reading

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The death of the 500-word article?

On Tuesday I spoke at an event on the future of Journalism at a London creative agency called Protein. With me on the panel were Julian March of ITV (shortly to head to New York as seniorVP of NBC), Luke … Continue reading

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May defends ‘local’ papers

Another Tory MP fired a shot across the BBC’s bows at the Society of Editors conference this week, claiming that the corporation’s online activities are undermining local newspapers. Theresa May said that the BBC’s claims that they were opening up … Continue reading

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Journalists not welcome

Journalists don’t always get along with the people they write about: to some extent it’s our job not to do so. ¬†We’re paid to be objective, to report what the public wants and needs to know and that can involve … Continue reading

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